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AD3000 have been working on GDPR

9th Apr 2018: AD3000 have been busy working on GDPR.

Some people have a big problem sending out confidential emails. We have a cost effective solution here

We have prepared some guidelines here and a summary here and a policy template for your use here .

Should you wish to link to it, our policy is here and our service level agreement is here .

Tablets with Windows10 Pro

4th Dec 2015: AD3000 have started supplying Linx 1010E Tablets. These have Windows 10 Pro and are available from 149+vat.

New School PC - The AD3000 Gazelle

13th Oct 2015: AD3000 are proud to announce the release of their new Next Generation Classroom PC.

It is super fast, running a quad core AMD 5350 processor and lightning fast solid state drive yet sipping less than 25watts.

The Gazelle is noticeably faster than previous curriculum PCs, yet takes a third of the power. It provides an exceptional balance between speed, power consumption and price.

More info on our website

Windows 10 compatibility

24th Sep 2015: AD3000 are pleased to announce that they have finished verifying their Group Policies with Windows 10.

AD3000 can now fully support Windows 10 on their networks.

The Future of DT

15th Jul 2015: The Future of DT Mailshot is available here

New Wireless Mailshot

14th Jul 2015: The AD3000 New Wireless Mailshot is available here

School Summer Mailshot

6th Jul 2015: The School Summer Mailshot is available here

Apple IOS8 update issues

1st Dec 2014: IOS8 updates have been successfully tested and verified working on AD3000 School Connect Servers. Some schools have reported issues updating iPads with IOS 8. These errors are to be restricted to KLZ/KPSN networks.

AD3000 introduce a Network News Section

1st Dec 2014: AD3000 have today introduced a schools network news section to their website and Schools Portal.

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